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Select Facilities Management will manage a wide range of facilities management services, that will allow our resident businesses and home-makers enjoy a fully-functioning and operationally efficient place to work and live.


Select’s technical partner, EFS, a regional leader in delivering integrated facilities management services across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Turkey. EFS has been accredited for over 17 years in providing quality services to some of the biggest regional names including leading multinationals in the region. This partnership empowered us to build local knowledge with international standards, flexibility and access to resources which makes Select Facility Management the perfect FM partner for delivering consistently high-quality services that are designed to meet all of your maintenance needs.


Our facilities management strategy is focused on Operational Excellence, Commercial Prudence and Sustainability whilst adhering to fundamental principles of discipline, attitude and commitment. We establish and nurture relationships with our clients based on Transparency, Trust and Mutual Respect that are integral to our core value system.


Select Facilities Management will work in close collaboration with all of our vendors to supply them with rigorously-approved sub-contractors who are reliable specialists in their respective fields.

We are already working effectively with highly skilled staff on a daily basis to manage and maintain the many developments throughout KAEC to the highest standards.